WatchMan System

The Watchman System™ is a water management system developed by Iris Connection, Inc. that allows remote management of water systems via the Internet through its unique interface called vPanel. PANELS

  • Watchman’s technology uses a series of sensors that measure critical water system parameters and make it easy to monitor and control water systems anywhere there is Internet access.

A Watchman RTU, located at one of the sites, communicates through a wireless network between the Watchman RTU and the Remote PumpMaster units, the Watchman RTU communicates with the Internet (usually through a wireless connection).

  • The Watchman System™ not only helps system operators make informed decisions through real time information, the system also provides continuous monitoring of water delivery systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will automatically send an alert via cell phone, email or text message to the water system and its operator.


The system operator can remotely change system parameters, start/stop pumps or other equipment to maintain the water system in an optimal state.

The applications running on the Iris servers include web-based database applications for retrieving daily reports from each Watchman installation, applications for processing and forwarding alerts from all the Watchman units, and applications for log-on security and user authentication.

  • Watchman’s technology makes it possible to not only stream water system data to any location, but also safely control water levels, chlorine levels and make other routine adjustments to any water system, saving time, money and energy.


  • The Watchman System™ automatically tests and records parameters at regular intervals and stores the data for reference. These data logs provide a complete history and documentation of all data concerning the water system.

Local control always available. scada_touch_panel

A Watchman System™ includes PumpMaster™ units, which provide local monitoring, and control of all the equipment at a water system site. Local on-site control is available through a keypad at the local pump station site. All local parameters can be viewed, changed, or controlled from the keypad for each site.