Virtual Wireless Connectivity
The vWire is a low power, wireless module based on the Mesh Network protocol.
vWire support mesh networking with the ability to communicate up to one mile line-of-sight between nodes. The vWire product line is used for several communication links as well as various types of wireless I/O.
Communication Links
Virtual Serial Link: vWire S-Link
The vWire serial link acts as a virtual RS232 cable. While the vWire S-Link product is a dedicated wireless serial link, some of the other vWire products also contain the serial link capability. Because of the inherent mesh networking capabilities, the serial link end points may be more than one mile apart. As such, they are not required to be in direct line-of-site with one another.

· Transparent “RS232 style” serial link

· Baud rates up to 115200

· Useful for Modbus, or other serial-based protocols

· Mesh networking allows multiple repeaters between serial link end points, facilitating non line-of-site or long distance between end points

· DB9 RS232 interface standard

· USB interface option