Remote user interface to a Watchman site is achieved using the software application Spyglass™ running the vPanel™ on the users Internet enabled PC. vPanel™ presents Watchman real-time information in a Windows style format. Virtual meters, charts, gauges and status buttons are the most noticeable features of the displayed information.
Water System Parameters that are Standard Monitored Features of the Watchman System™

Continuous Real Time Monitoring of:
  • Line Voltage
  •  Water flow rate
  • Water Levels (both reservoirs and water wells)
  • Storage Tank Levels
  • Pressure (Distribution and Pump Discharge)
  • Chlorine Residual
  • Chlorine Storage Tank Level
  • Battery voltage (when back up engines are present)
  • Equipment Status (on/off)
  • Overall Plant Efficiency (displayed in real time)
  • Site Security (Tank Lids, Site Doors, Site Gates, Watchman Panel)
  • Site Communications (Inter-Site and Internet)
  • Pump Faults
  • Pump run times and down times
  • vPanel™ will also provides remote control water delivery equipment which has standard industrial digital or analog interfaces. When used as a component of Watchman System, vPanel™ has added functionality to control:

    Equipment start/stop
  • Based on System Pressure
  • Based on Source Levels
  • Based on Time of Day
  • Lead/Lag
  • Based on most efficient available resource
  • Based on system demands
  • Chlorine injection rates
  • Valve operations
  • Time of Use operations (TOU Smart Feature)
  • Source Optimization (OptiGard Feature)
Spyglass™ also provides historical data logging, sending email/message alarms of monitored system parameters and daily report summaries.