Solaris - Pumping that Saves Energy
With Iris Technology and expertise. Pumps that are matched with the Solaris system are saving energy and operational costs well into the future.
Benefits of solar energy generation at the Pump Station:
  • Solar generation is cost effective, save dollars rather than purchasing electricity from the utility company.
  • Solar Energy (photovoltaic) pricing continues to decline to significantly low levels.
  • Very strong rebate programs and other incentives (tax credits, depreciation) are available (higher IRR's)
  • Solar energy correctly matched to a pump station can have paybacks as little as three to four years.
  • Receive credit for the excess Kw's generated by the solar system.

    Ideally suited to agricultural pumping

    Why Solaris Makes Sense:

    • Turnkey installation price
    • Rebates
    • Investment tax credits
    • Accelerated depreciation
    • Energy Savings
    • Renewable energy credits
    • Payback analysis
    • Cash flow

    Energy Savings with Variable Speed Pumping

    A pump can be very efficiently designed yet it can be operated in an inefficient manner. Typically, pumps run at a fixed speed with a throttling valve on the pump discharge to regulate pump output. 

    A variable speed drive system adjusts the pump output to meet the system requirements. As the system requires less water, the system delivers less water.

    Why Use A Variable Speed Drive System?

    Because it saves energy and money.

    Here's how: 

    Flow decreases at the same rate as motor speed decreases. Energy costs decrease as the cube of the flow (motor speed) decreases. So, theoretically, a 25% reduction is flow results in a 58% reduction in energy usage. System pressure is reduced by the square of the flow decrease (speed of the motor). The same 25% reduction in flow will result in a 44% reduction in pump pressure. Practical experience shows that only about 50% energy savings can actually be achieved before the system pressure is reduced to a point where adequate system flow is not available.

    Saturn and Solaris are available for New Pumping Systems and Retrofits

    Iris can provide engineered solutions for your new water system or as a retrofit to replace existing on/off motor starters. For more information on how you can start saving money on pumping costs or if you are looking for a complete energy management solultion, call Iris Connection at 866-680-4747 for a no obligation feasability site visit. or click on for a quick reply.