Saturn is designed specifically for Agricultural Irrigation Systems, specializing in monitoring Soil Moisture Conditions, Field Temperatures, as well as other environmental conditions. Saturn also provides remote control of pumps and valves with continuous data logs and Alarm notifications of all monitored parameters.

Get Better Crop Yields

  • Through improved water management. No more guessing, get real time data on soil moisture, soil temperature, ambient temperature and water use.

Save Money

  • Knowing the water system performance will help prevent problems, down time, and allow smarter decisions about when to irrigate or schedule cultural activities.

Save Time

  • The virtual Time Clock allows remote access to change watering schedules, including valve rotations and pump start and stop times.

Iris uses its unique wireless Saturn Technology to provide a cost effective solution to multiple sites for varying soil types, measurements at various levels as well as providing an easy to use viewer with the Saturn eKo user interface.

Saturn is cost effective and scalable. You can add sites as requirements grow. The Saturn eKo Sites can have up to 4 sensors attached to each Site. Once arranged to your specific monitoring needs the Saturn eKo Sites form a wireless mesh network.


Control – Monitor – Alarm - Data Log via the Saturn eKo User Interface

Soil Moisture and soil temperature

Multiple Zone Irrigation Pressure

Pump remote start / stop

Virtual Time Clock – Change schedules at any time

Full Weather station

Temperature Alarms – Frost Control Alarms 

Critical site information at the click of a button.

Ditch, Canal and Pond Levels

Field Water Levels – Know the levels in specific fields

Monitor and track Irrigation History

Track Pumping Efficiency

Connect to other Saturn eKo Sites for Overall Control

"In 2009 my irrigation inputs well exceed $300 per acre. Installing a system that allows me to monitor soil moisture and control my irrigation accurately will save me $20 - $40 per acre in water and electrical expenses alone. At a cost of under $20 per acre Saturn was an easy decision. Better yields will be dollars in my pocket.