Financial Services
Iris Connection has made water system upgrading SIMPLE and EASY with Iris Financial Services.

With Iris Financial Services, funding your project can be as easy as a ONE page application and project approval in as little as 24 hours.The Iris Financial Services program offers customers flexible payment options and terms, and can include all hard and soft costs, and requires no real estate collateral or other credit enhancements.

Iris Financial Services is available for complete system upgrades to minor renovations; Iris Financial Services customizes its financing packages to meet the varying needs of Public Water Systems across the country.

Iris Connection has partnered with a leading lender in the financial industry to create Iris Financial Services. This lender has provided financial services for hundreds of projects, just like yours. Its credit officers have a great deal of experience working with various water systems, Home Owner Associations and Public Entities as well as individual ownership structures, and are only a phone call away to help find the financing solution that meets your needs.

Program Features

Term - Terms are tailored to meet the cash flow and/or tax objectives of the specific water system. The term on control components is up to seven years.

Advance Payment - Advance payments are not required. A water system can pre-pay as much or as little of the transaction as they choose.

Sequence of Payments - You may delay the start of their payments to facilitate installation. Payments that match the historical cash flow of the water system are available.

Residuals - Water Systems have straight financing with no residual, or any fixed residual to meet cash flow objectives.

Rate - Rates are bank-direct and based on the size of the transaction, the strength of the credit and the structure of the transaction. Call Iris Financial Services for customized pricing for your project.

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Work with your Authorized Iris Dealer to determine the general dollar amount of your Watchman System project and the approximate timing of installation.
  2. Discuss Iris Financial Services with your Authorized Iris Dealer and learn about the flexible and convenient options available for your project.
  3. With your permission, Iris Financials lending partner will contact the appropriate people within your organization to obtain the required financial information. Iris and its lending partner are also available to discuss these financing options directly with the appropriate owners or board members.

With Public Water Systems feeling more and more pressure from regulators to deliver higher quality water and in a more sustainable, systematic approach, Iris is committed to making the best solution available to EVERY water system. Everything we do revolves around making water systems perform more efficiently, sustainably, safer and reliably. When you partner with Iris Connection and Iris Financial Services, it is understood that we know Public Water Systems, their challenges and we understand how to help.

To find out more about Iris Financial Services, please contact your Authorized Iris Dealer,download our Financial Services Application, or call us at (866) 680-IRIS (4747).