Questions about Iris Products


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Saturn System?
A.  Saturn is an outdoor solar-powered wireless environmental sensing/reporting system that enables agricultural growers to ensure the optimum environmental conditions for each crop type and gives them precision irrigation management tools.
Q. How does a Saturn System work?
A.  Saturn is a series of Sites that are solar powered and linked wirelessly to a Saturn Base Station. Each Site must be within one mile, clear line of sight to another Site. At least One Site must be within One Mile clear line of sight of the Base Station.

Q. Does Saturn require an Internet connection?
A.  Saturn comes standard with the iConnect Internet Service. There are also options for using existing Internet Service Providers. A Public Static IP Account, often called a Business Account, is required.

Q. Are there any ongoing service or subscription fees?
A.  NO.  The Saturn systems that use the iConnect Internet Service have a monthly Internet fee. There are no other ongoing fees and no restrictions on the number of users allowed. Up to 10 users may be logged in at one time.

Q. What does Saturn monitor and measure?
A.   A typical Saturn system monitors field soil moisture conditions, soil temperature, irrigation system pressure, ambient temperature as well as a complete weather station.

Q. How many sensors are available at one site?
A.  Saturn sites have four available ports for sensors. Typically a site will have two to three soil moisture sensors and an ambient temperature sensor. Some sites also include a pressure sensor for specific block irrigation system pressure.

Q. Do I need to know computers to use Saturn?
A.  The Saturn system is simple to use. No special computer equipment or knowledge is needed. If you can look up the information on Googleâ„¢ you can use the Saturn system.

Q. Can I get historical information from last year with Saturn?
A.  Yes. The Saturn system keeps the data for as long as you have the system. There are charts and graphs available to get you exactly what you need to know from any time in the past on any sensor in the system.

Q. What are the advantages of Precision Irrigation Management?
A.  The areas of Precision Irrigation affected by the Saturn system are irrigation management information, frost protection, disease prediction, and crop monitoring. Saturn provides growers with immediate access to data regarding their water usage, canopy temperature, humidity, wetness and weather conditions wirelessly and at the touch of a button. Saturn is a complete tool for precision agriculture and makes it a reality for growers looking to have as much information as possible about their crop and growing conditions.

Q. Are there any limits to the number of sites?
A.  The Saturn Base Station is capable of receiving from up to 50 remote sites.

Q. What is required to install a Saturn System?
A.  The Saturn Base Station requires a supply of 110 volts and antenna mast with line of sight to at least one Saturn Site. Internet connection with a Public Static IP is also required. A one year commitment of iConnect Internet Service is available with the standard Base Station Installation.

Q. What are the customer installation obligations?
A.  The Saturn Dealer will install the Base Station, mount the receiving antenna and connect to the provided Internet Service. Site placement, sensor location and other site specific requirements are the responsibility of the customer.

Q. What does a Saturn System cost?
A.  The Saturn System is very affordable. Usually less than $50 per acre for the initial set up.

Q. Can I expand my system?
A.  Yes. The Saturn System is easily expandable and very affordable. Once the initial system is set up, adding additional sites is easy.

Q. Can the Saturn System be moved to another location?
A.  Yes. The Saturn System can be relocated to another field or to any other farm location.

Q. What are the steps for getting a Saturn system quote?
A.  Consult with a Saturn Dealer to determine detailed site requirements and the best equipment options available to water delivery efficiency, plant health and crop yield.

Q. How is a Saturn System priced?
A.  The Saturn System is priced by Sites. Each Saturn System must have one Base Station adding as many Saturn Sites and sensors as required so that reliable, accurate information is always available to make the right management decisions.

Q. How do I learn to use my Saturn System?
A.  The Saturn system is simple to use. Training and configuration is designed with you using your own identification and to ensure immediate results so you can start right away customizing irrigation planning and scheduling. Saturn Dealers provide ongoing support, field maintenance and service.

Q. How do I find a Saturn Dealer or more information?
A.  Visit  or call 866-IRIS (4747)