The Watchman System Monitors Utility Power

Most water districts’ pump sites are powered by electricity from a local utility.  The WatchMan helps the water district protect its critical equipment from damage caused by poor quality power that is supplied by the utility.  In addition to monitoring the typical water delivery related parameters, such as pressure, flow rate, holding tank water level, etc., a standard WatchMan installation also monitors the quality of the electrical power provided by the utility at each pump site.

Over the course of many discussions with water district managers, we at Iris have found that many of the managers suspect that some past equipment failures have been caused by problems with their electrical power utility but until Watchman they couldn’t provide the data history and therefore had no recourse with the utility.  Now, with the Watchman continuously monitoring, data logging, and triggering alarms based on all phases of the supplied electrical power, a water district manager not only has data to back up a claim of “dirty” power, but in most cases, can get utility power problems fixed before they cause damage to critical equipment such as motors, drives, and controllers.

We have yet to find an instance where a utility would just accept Watchman data without independently collecting their own data.  However, we have had cases where a water district using Watchman data convinced the local utility to perform their own monitoring to corroborate claims of faulty power.  In all cases the faults were confirmed and fixed before they caused damage to the water distribution equipment.

Typically power is provided in a three-phase 480-volt configuration.  Watchman monitors all three phases for under voltage and over voltage.  The data is displayed in real-time on local displays as well as on the Watchman vPanel.  Additionally it is logged for the vPanel strip charts and for the Iris database archive.  Also, alarm triggers are typically set for over and under voltage on all three phases.  The alarm messages are sent to designated water district managers by text message and/or email.

With the Watchman monitoring critical parameters in the system, emergency conditions resulting in critical down time are immediately recognized and the system can be managed keep it up and running saving time and money. 

Through Iris, water districts have a product and guarantee to rely on. Once a pump dealer installs the WatchMan system, they ensure manageability and remote control. Iris monitors each system remotely along with their pump dealers. This provides complete reassurance and maximizes the safety, efficiency and quality of every Watchman system. No matter how complex, Iris will be there to monitor, back up and ensure satisfaction with the Watchman system.