The Water Sentryâ„¢

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Iris Connection, Inc. the founders of the Watchman SystemTM have introduced the fail safe method of protecting public water systems.

As a company Iris is dedicated to Providing Water System Management Solutions. With our experience in the water system industry we continually hear the call for protection, notification and action for treatment injection systems that fail. The standard Watchman SystemTM will notify and alarm system operators of an "out of compliance" condition in the distribution system, however they wanted more.  With the Water SentryTM feature of the Watchman SystemTM a water system can now rely on any dangerously out of compliance situation in the water system to shut down the system until corrections can be made.

The Water SentryTM is an additional feature to the Watchman SystemTM. When the Water SentryTM is added to or included in a Watchman SystemTM the operator can set levels to "trigger" actions based on those settings. For example, Chlorine residual is set for a maximum of 1 part per million (PPM) and a minimum of .1 PPM. If the Chlorine sensor returns a value out of the preset range the Water SentryTM will "take action" based upon the set up.

In our example above, the action may be to send a notification to the system operator by cell text message or email and wait for further action. However, other chlorine residual trigger points may be specified to cause the ENTIRE pump station to shut down until corrective action can be taken.  Generally, these levels would be further "out-of-range" than the basic "notification" levels in the example above.  For example, they may include a low-level trigger at .05 PPM and a high-level trigger at 2.0 PPM. 

It should be noted that shutting down the station includes cutting the power to a possibly defective chlorine injector. Also, users can "decide" to OVERRIDE the shut down condition and allow the water system pump to run without chlorine injection. This feature is important in the event the water system is calling for water in emergencies.  When corrective action has been taken, then the Water Sentry's fail-safe condition can be reset, allowing both the water system pump and the chlorine injector to operate.

The Water SentryTM allows users to set trigger and fault points remotely via the Watchman vPanelTM and locally through the Watchman local interface. An example of a control panel within the Watchman vPanelTM, which is for a Chlorine SentryTM, a subset of the Water SentryTM, is shown below. 

The Water SentryTM is designed to operate with many well established water quality sensors. The flexibility and power of the Watchman SystemTM along with the Water SentryTM make the system operator's job much more effective. The reliability of clean, safe and adequate flows is insured.

To learn more about the Water SentryTM, Watchman products and services, Contact a Watchman Dealer near you or Iris Connection, Inc.

More water system products coming soon from the leaders in Water System Management Solutions, Iris Connection, Inc.