DigitalPath Inc – Wireless Internet

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Digital Path Logo

DigitalPath Inc is a high speed wireless Internet company in Northern California. For almost 6 years, DigitalPath has been providing wireless Internet to most of the communities from Sacramento to north of Redding.

Wireless coverage antenna

The coverage and performance of the wireless network has allowed DigitalPath to provide several wireless connections for the Iris Watchman System. The locations of some of the sites monitored by Iris are in rural areas. This sometimes makes Internet connections difficult or costly to set up. The Iris Watchman System, being a component of public water system, requires a reliable link for monitoring and data transmission. For DigitalPath to be chosen by Iris is quite an honor. It became obvious early on that Iris and DigitalPath were interested in serving the same rural areas.  This allowed the relationship between Iris and DigitalPath has grown beyond user and provider. Iris has assisted DigitalPath with the expansion of it's' network by making sites available in areas Iris was operating. This expansion has allowed DigitalPath to not only give Iris the connection they needed for the Watchman System, but to bring service to rural areas with no broadband options. This is a win for DigitalPath, Iris and the people living in these areas.

Digital Path Wireless Coverage

The technology used for this wide spread deployment is a patented end to end solution, developed in-house at DigitalPath's headquarters in Chico, Ca. DigitalPath's solution is a hybrid of fixed, point to point connections and mesh type point to multi-point repeaters and access points. This unique approach enables DigitalPath to bring high speed Internet to some of the most remote areas of Northern California, while providing a competitive and affordable solution in the metropolitan areas it covers.

DigitalPath was started out of the dreams and visions of it's' founder, Jim Higgins. Prior to the start of DigitalPath, Jim operated a large, successful dial up ISP business in Southern California. The business grew rapidly and was sold in 1999 to become part of the EarthLink network that exists today. However, Jim was not ready to leave the ISP industry. He recognized the limitations of dialup service and the possibilities wireless provided. As Jim evaluated the hardware available on the market, he realized that in order to be successful, he would have to create his own hardware and software solution. He did. The result is a wireless network that covers thousands of square miles and makes service available to about a quarter of a million people.

Digital Path Network Schematic

The success of DigitalPath's wireless system has allowed the company to sell their equipment to other ISP's wanting to deploy their own wireless networks. The key is the design of the network, the scalability of the systems and the compatibility with 802.11 standards. Those who user DigitalPath wireless equipment enjoys multi-megabit connections and the freedom to use low cost VOIP phones on the network. Users can even roam on their account throughout the entire wireless network. To date, over a dozen systems have been sold to different ISP's in 9 states. The performance and affordability of DigitalPath's system is hard to beat.