Optimizing "Free" Water

Friday, August 01, 2008

The issue was fairly clear. How can we Optimize our “Free” water?

There are three ground water wells in the Rancho Robles Mutual Water and Road Company.Two wells reside within the jurisdiction of the Santa Clara Valley Water District. TheWater Company is “taxed” on every acre foot they deliver to their customersfrom these two wells. The water company’s third well resides outside the SantaClara District and therefore has no “well tax” association and as such, is Free water. 

The challenge for Rancho Robles and their Watchman System isto maximize the use of the available water from their non-taxable well source.The dilemma is that this well can not support the full demand of the water system’scustomers on its own.   Further, if the well pump was allowed to run too longit would draw the water level down to the point of “cavitation”, which woulddamage the pump motor.  In thepast, the water company would “protect” the well pump by running it on a timerwith very conservative intervals of time. Once the well had “rested” long enough, they could restart using freewater again.  While this protectedthe pump, it significantly limited the amount of water that could be drawn fromthe well.

The engineering team at Iris Connection responded bydesigning the Water Optimizationmodule for the Watchman System™. With the Water Optimizer, water companies can automaticallybegin using the well water as soon asthe source has recovered sufficiently to allow the pump to run.  It will then run until it is no longerneeded or when the well has drawn down to a point where it needs to be“protected”.

The Water Optimizer continually monitors the well waterlevel.  The user can set start andstop points based on historical data to allow for the optimal use of availablewater.  No more waiting to restartthe pump. It will restart automatically as soon as the water level reached theuser-defined set point, and then run protected until it reaches its maximumdrawdown point.

The Water Optimization feature of the Watchman System isanother example of how a fully integrated automatic control system designedspecifically for Public Water Systems continues to benefit the water users byproviding an ongoing cost savings that continues to add up for every gallonpumped.

The water may not be “free” when costs of pumping anddelivery are included. However, reducing the amount of well tax in the case ofRancho Robles reduces the cost to deliver water and ultimately the cost ofwater to the users.

To find out more about how a Complete Water ManagementSolution can reduce your operatingcosts, increase delivery efficiencies, and give you the tools to manage yourwater system, contact IrisConnection, Inc. for more information.