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Control Pumping Costs


Iris Connection, Inc. is the provider of Automatic Controls and Energy Management designed specifically for water Systems. Remote Monitoring, Controlling and Data Logging for Agricultural Irrigation Systems and Public water Systems. Remotely connect to the water system from any Internet-connected computer with the Iris System Products that best match your requirements.

Iris has the expertise and products to completely support the operations and management of Agricultural Irrigation Systems, Public Water Systems and remote connectivity to pump stations and in-field devices.

ris Solution, is a complete line of Products that serve the smallest water system to large municipalities by employing the various Iris System products.
  • Saturn Systems – Remote Agricultural Irrigation system Management – from Pump Control to In-Field Soil Moisture monitoring and field conditions.
  • Solaris Systems - Using the benefit of Solar power in pumping applications. Innovative technology reducing energy with net energy metering.
  • Watchman System™ – Remote Monitoring and control using the Spyglass vPanel as the user interface. Complete access to real time data and data archives.
  • vWire s-link Systems - Virtual Wireless connections, up to 1 mile line-of-sight.
· In-Field Environmental Monitoring - Soil Moisture, Temperature, Leaf Wetness, Section Pressures and much more.
· Real Time Pump monitoring - Water Levels, Flow Rates, Total Water Pumped, Pressures, Filter Differential Pressure and much more.
· Automatic Pump Controls - Pump Speed Control to reduce demand, Automatic Start / Stop. Shifting Load to Off Peak, Speed Control to reduce energy use and much more.
· Pump Efficiency Analysis - With the correct pumping information, Iris is helping clients determine the most cost-effective method to reduce ongoing pumping costs. From pump repairs to operational changes that match the pumping requirements.